Wikileaks phenomenon

The Internet is the global virtual network uniting more than billion of computers. Definitively having fixed in mass consciousness, the Internet has turned a habitual sight at distribution of information – now enough just two clicks to make news be open for public. The World wide web For it’s anonymity was liked by supporters of the independent sights, found a new opening for the truth report in 21st century. One of the sensational resources, which leaks the forbidden state data,  became a WikiLeaks project. WikiLeaks is a new word in the industry of news and media. It is possible to tell safely that this resource represents the news edition of a new format, a prototype of mass-media of the future. Project specializes on any promulgation of the coded information and the data which aren’t intended for publicity.

With the appearance of Wikileaks portal influence of Internet space on almost all aspects of life as in separately taken country, as in the world community has considerably increased. For the sake of justice, it is necessary to notice that from the very beginning of realization of the Wikileaks project, its founders put a problem of placing not only the various political or closed governmental information, but also any other data which for any reasons is sacred, but should be accessible to the public. And it was possible to them. It is possible to expect prompt occurrence of “followers” of ideology of this Internet resource and, first of all, at regional levels, as itself WikiLeaks – is not the first on-line project of such sort. For a long time in the Network there were similar sites like Cryptome and The Smoking Gun. The only thing that can constrain this process is questions of financing of such project.

The editor-in-chief of the original edition ideological inspirer of WikiLeaks is Julian Assange. The exact quantity of editors and their names are unknown, but presumably, their number reaches 20 persons. WikiLeaks has quickly collected the huge file with the compromising evidence – more than one million classified documents was at the disposal of editors of a resource in some months after project had started. During the period of 2007-2010 WikiLeaks has published hundred thousand classified documents of USA army  among which there were shocking reports from a battlefield. The resource has opened eyes to citizens of the Earth on an event in the American prison of Guantanamo, has informed on how the Swiss banks carry out money-laundering, and has told about crimes in Congo made under the aegis of missions of the United Nations. Project WikiLeaks has got a world fame in the middle of 2010 when the site has published set of documents of the Pentagon including shocking shooting in which the American soldier shoots peace Iraq journalists, by mistake having accepted them for terrorists. The greatest scandals and political consequences have been caused by the publication of materials about methods of work of the American diplomacy and degree of its influence in the world. Huge indignation was caused by the dispatch of State Department of the USA, demanding to get all data, concerning managements of secretary of the United Nations, including the general secretary. Since the same time in activity of Assange and his associates US authorities for the first time have become interested, and the resource has turned, as often call it on television, in a world information funnel.

The given process has both positive and negative sides. On the one hand, very serious step to a direction of control of activity of politicians, representatives of power structures, financial tycoons is taken by the public and society.  But there were also negative moments – for example, last year the American military man Bradley Manning has been arrested and accused in crimes against the state. The Large quantity of documents from «the Afghani archive» has come into the view of insurgents of the Taliban who use them for search of informants cooperating with Americans. During time of site operating, it repeatedly was tried to block, in particular in the Peoples Republic of China, Thailand and the USA, but every time the resource continued the work.

In any sense effect of exposing publications on site WikiLeaks – a direct consequence of the device of the modern society constructed round ideas of a freedom of speech, the right to the information and penetrated by computer networks. It is difficult to understand is Assange «worked on a glory», or the glory itself has found him, but it is obvious that Julian Assange’s case has drawn attention of the whole world to himself.

In my opinion, despite the veil of the uncertainty which has hung over Assange – already his brave act – attempt to open an eye of the “short-sighted” public – is worthy respected. The example of Assange and his followers confirms that fact, as to this day, among us live people ready at the cost of their life fight the establishment and as well as to bring truth to public.


Barcamp-developing of NET media in KZ

Firstly,  i want to explain what is Barcamp. According to their KZ website ‘BarCamp Central Asia 2011 – the fourth educational [un]conference for New Media specialists – journalists, bloggers, programmers, IT, media, web developers and everyone who is connected to the Internet and web development. The idea is unofficial conference, ‘without ties’. Participants can engage one another, speak openly about everything. This relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere make people be interested in all the events. It’s a pretty happy thing that our KIMEP hosted this [un]conference third year in a row.

Unfortunately i had not participated in the event. This year brought new changes in the programm of [un]conference in comparison with previous yaers. New formats and many new speekers was added. Here is the schedule of the conference:

15 th April, Friday12:00 – 18:00 Arrival, Registration of participants in KIMEP, custom tours of the city (everyone who wants to visit the [not] the official opening, must register on the site and pick up their badges on Friday, without entry to the party will be open problematic)19:00 – 21:00 [not]official opening of a steep STAUT Beer BarApril 16, Saturday9:00 – 9:45 Registration and Accreditation9:45 – 10:30 Official opening of the BarCamp Central Asia 201110:45 – 11:30 Press Conference10:45 – 11:15 / 11:25 – 11:55 Parallel presentation sessions in 8 classrooms11:55 – 12:05 Coffee Break

12:05 – 12:50 BarCamp Workshops

Nokia Eurasia: Trends in mobile content

Dialog Innovations GmbH: Plan ahead with the project «StudyPlanner»!

13:00 – 13:45

BarCamp Workshop – Applications Ovi in ​​Kazakhstan: we are close! Dr. Web project with Dr. Web anti-virus app. Kazkommertsbank project-Mobile Homebank app, app

BarCamp TechTalk – Digital Education: How to become a professional today? Experts: Dialog Innovations GmbH, Microsoft Kazakhstan, KIMEP,

13:45 – 14:45 Lunch

14:45 – 15:30 / 15:40 – 16:25 Concurrent session presentation professionals in 8 classrooms

16:35 – 17:20 BarCamp Workshops

The API Yandex: technologies for users

Create beautiful web with Internet Explorer 9 and DreamSpark

17:20 – 17:30 Coffee Break

17:30 – 18:15 BarCamp Workshops launch of yet another interesting local Kazakh project

Google, GTUG and Rock-n-Roll: What is GTUG?

18:25 – 19:10 BarCamp Workshops startups and venture capital investments in RuNet

Google, GTUG and Rock-n-Roll: Google Dev Platform

19:10 Do not disagree:) Something interesting is coming!

Thematic 20:00 pm in the coffee houses of the city: Segafredo, DK, Black & Brown, Blackberry

17 th April, Sunday

9:00 – 9:45 Morning coffee

9:45 – 10:15 / 10:25 – 10:55 Parallel presentation sessions in 8 classrooms

11:05 – 11:50 BarCamp Workshops Blogging Central Asia project – Presentation of the book Cyber ​​Chaikhana

Opera Software: State of new standards (HTML5 and SVG and stuff), widgets and X-platform apps, Opera extensions

12:00 – 12:45 BarCamp Workshops

Yandex: Strategy Analysis in the Internet

Opera Software: State of new standards (HTML5 and SVG and stuff), widgets and X-platform apps, Opera extensions

12:55 – 13:40 / 13:50 – 14:35 Concurrent session presentation professionals in 8 classrooms

14:35 – 15:35 Lunch

15:35 – 16:20

BarCamp Workshop –

BarCamp TechTalk – Politics of Corporate Presence on the Internet, PR and communications strategies for business. Experts: Agency Strategist,, Kcell

16:30 – 17:15 BarCamp Workshops

KCell: The development of mobile Internet in Kazakhstan

Global Voices Online – a global community of bloggers

17:15 – 17:25 Coffee Break

17:25 – 18:10 BarCamp TechTalk

Startups, investments, trends – an idea a little, and what you need? Experts:,,, representatives of sponsors BarCamp Ideas Market

18:10 – 18:55 Presentation of projects – the finalists BarCamp Ideas Market 2011, awarding

18:55 – 19:15 Closing Ceremony [not] conference BarCamp Central Asia 2011

20:00 – 2:00 closing party at the club “5 oborotov”

Among the guests and partners of the conference there are representatives of the following international companies – Microsoft, Opera Software, GSM Kazakhstan/Kcell, 188, Dialog Innovations GmbH, Doctor Web, Notamedia,,, Yandex and Google.Microsoft presented its new Internet Explorer 9 and briefed on its capabilities. Yandex presented capabilities of API Yandex (the API allows developers to create applications which interact directly with the Yandex contextual advertising service). Besides, participants were offered a lot of expert advice on promotion of goods and services through social networks and on launching Internet-based projects.The conference also was supported by high scale non-governmental organizations, foundations and educational projects such as Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan, “Minber” Foundation, Internews Network, citizen media projects and Global Voices Online, Frontline Defenders, Tactical Technology Collective, etc.
Also, conference gave the opportunity for novices in the IT to be listened. They have presented their web-ideas,internet-projects,media developments which were created during last year.Kazakhstan’s students presented an application in three-dimensional clothing – 3D Flash application. With the help of this development, users can virtually try on clothes. Visitor of the shop should put on a little square with the letter G in the center. With this labeling, you can try on any clothes and liked to pick the size. More details about the group of young designers can be found at
JSC Khabar Agency »  presented their new web portal. Editor Dauren Alzhanov, noted that sociological data showed that more Kazakhstans prefer to watch television programs online. Broadcaster Khabar is one of the few companies aimed at the study and promotion of multimedia media. The portal created the corporate blogs to users of the Internet to find more information on television journalists and producers. According to Khabar,  placement of information in social networks increases the interest of users by 11%, a publication on video portals by 13%.

Presentation of new kazakhstani SNS made a big resonance in the auditorium. One of the important questions from listeners and advanced users to presenters was the speciality of the site. What new they can offer to the users? The answer of the presenters was not so confident, they just said that site has “shejire” and every kazakh can find own geonological tree. Also they want to enter the system of “Juz” and genus, and they will differ from the similar SNS’s. In a whole audience was not happy of the new Kazakhstani Zuckerbergs.

The most fresh of the startups – Youth online magazine. The portal was launched just over a week ago. First, the team was going to do service for KIMEP, but now has decided that the project will be interesting to all young people of the country. There  should appear videolectures: online master classes in academic subjects, as well as contributions from Tim Becherer. Tim, a professor at KIMEP, he had finished Hollywood film academy. With the advent of new users plans to introduce a site model of Groupon, that is provide an opportunity to “go to the cinema discounts”. It’s all in the plans, and while the magazine produces a set of the team, need journalists, IT-specialists, photographers and just creative people.

This startups are very interesting, i think. Because they have their imprint on the KZ development in the IT sphere. Also it’s opportunity for many youth to try sth new and show their competence.

In addition, participants of conference have received the helpful information on how to advance the goods in social networks, how to start the Internet project and how to become claimed in Kaznet the Internet-advancer and about many other things. One more important feature of action was that beginners in the field of the Internet could communicate personally to representatives of the leading companies in this area, to ask for suggestions at venerable bloggers of Kaznet.

At  the end of [un]conference  there was closing party.According to the co-organizer of BarCamp Inessa Shlapak, four months of intensive preparation for the event have not been in vain. Now is the final stage of the conference. The party has allowed a situation unofficiallity find a wide range of issues that did not have enough time in the official part of the conference.

“I am glad that BarCamp every year is gaining momentum. I would like to recall that last year the event was attended by about 600 participants. Now we have registered over 1200 people. This once again underlines the importance of our event, “- said Shlapak.

I’m sure that Barcamp 2011 is very useful and interesting conference. It gives the new dimensions in developing of KZ web, media and IT spheres. And of course it’s opportunity to share experience and ideas, present and attend in the building of KZ vision of Internet. Kazakhstan such this events. And it’s great that year by year the audience and interest of barcamp increases. Barcamp 2011 CA is powerful tool of developing of Internet, as participants understand possibilities and opportunities of the NET. It united people which work in the same sphere from all the Central Asia. Next year i’ll try to attend the Barcamp, as for me it will be very interesting .

Speech of Hillary Clinton on Internet Freedom

15th february 2011, U.S. Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton spoke in George Washington University. In her speech, Secretary of State has defined the concept of “Internet freedom” and described the ways in which the U.S. can guarantee freedom around the world. According to her, the Internet played a significant role in the events in Egypt, where President Hosni Muburak resigned under pressure of the protesters.  The second issue is the protection of transparency and privacy on the Internet. The World Network is a public place, but at the same time – this is a channel for private communication, so there must be a way to protect confidential communications. Clinton stressed the importance of government communications, speaking about the project Wikileak, which, she said, began with the theft, like the theft of documents from his briefcase.

 Also she critisized the authoritarian governments, she mentioned that countries such as China that censor the Internet may go by the same scenarios as in Egypt and Tunisia.She stressed that the leaders who erect artificial barriers to the development of the Internet and Internet freedoms are at risk of isolation and, ultimately, still will face a choice: to enhance this self-imposed isolation and to pay for her increasing price, or to weaken the control of Internet space.

In my opinion, all that she said reduced to one thing controlling and monitoring of internet by one country,exactly US. US has the majority of servers.  And don’t forget that in 2003 they restricted access to Iraqi sites, so Iraq dissapered for a time in the worldwideweb. In February this year, corrected U.S. law on information security and freedom of the Internet has authorized the president to declare a “state of emergency in a virtual information space”, it means that the U.S. government may take over or even shut down some sites. Also one big thing is that is all about a BIG GAMES in politics.  I can’t say that the internet freedom is good or bad.All the uprisings and riots in Egypt and Tunisia as in other African and Midlle Eastern countries  was not because of Twitter or Facebook.The SNS’s are just a tool of communicating and coordinating the actions. So, the matter is how we act in the internet,how we can use it as a tool to achieve sth.

Morozov and Shirky – opposite views

The question of ‘Internet Freedom’ is very sharp problem. First of all, internet freedom means free access to websites and contents you wish, watching videos, and chat with other users, information exchange and some other stuff like that. When we see restrictions on all this, it can be accepted as violation of freedom of speech and our rights for free and open internet. The deal is not only about restricting access, violating user rights, but also on jamming of human rights.

In the speeches of Morozov and Shirky, they disscussed this topic, and i found their speeches very interesting and cognitive. First of all they have absolutely opposite opinions on the Internet Freedom. The reason is very simple – the environment they were born and grew up. Morozov is from Belarus. He was born in USSR, which has left an imprint on his vision of democracy, freedom and human rights. He strongly believs that idea of internet freedom has no future. While SHirky who is the american and knows very well what is freedom and democracy are optimist in the idea of Internet freedom. He sees the social media as communicating tools, not that social media is provoking for the movements or riots.

I can agree with both opinions. But have to add mine – In promoting of Internet Freedom there should be multinational organisation like UN. I don’t want monopoly in such important aspect of the whole media.

The immigrants movements on the NET

With the appearence of social networking sites, where people can post their entries,photos,feelings, etc, social movements are more and more reflected in the NET. The most popular are videos from that movements.Because users can see the real side of the happened event,even if they have never been there. After reading Sasha Constanza’s article “The Immigrant Rights Movement on the Net: Between “Web 2.0” and Comunicación Popular, i have realized that how SNS really help people, precisely immigrants to struggle for their rights. And that it is a hard work,which are being processed by many organization.

Nowadays Internet is a power.And it became a tool of fast communicating and sharing of opinions,coordinating the works to do for those who wants to be heard and struggle for their rights.Author considers that such activism in the net leaked to the activism of the SNS’s like Youtube,cause it let them to make money.

In my opinion, author is right almost in all cases,that he had described.Mass media climbing to next level of development,developing on the NET. In the case of migrant marches, the activists should distinctly realize their goals, and be sure that net media helps them to achieve that goals in the right way.

Australian Open 2011

Federer has beaten the 2nd Swiss tennis player Stanislas Wawrinka in straight sets! Roger reaches his 8th AO semi-finals in very good form,and gonna face T.Berdych or N.Djokovich!


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